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When removed, indicates tampering by showing OPEN VOID in the film; also leaves corresponding adhesive residue on the surface. Also includes these features:

  • Premium adhesive for cold weather application
  • Tamper Slits in the film for added security
  • Perforation between labels for ease of use
  • Serial number, 0.25 inch high,  is embedded under the film, or laminated,  for minimum 1 year outdoor life

Sold in Rolls of 100

Pricing Information

Qty (Seals)

Qty (Rolls)



100 1-9 $159.00    
1,000 10 + $151.00    



Cargo Door Security Labels are used as an added layer of security for sealing the doors on truck trailers, sea containers and crates. These seals are applied over the door hinges or across the center gap of the two hinged doors.

When removed, the seals will self destruct to indicate tampering, which leaves the OPENED VOID message in the film and a corresponding message in the adhesive residue on the door surface.

Cargo Door Seals are available in stock and custom versions. We also offer matching numbers in sets of 2 or 3 seals, all having the same number. We provide matching number sets on the same roll and in sequential order.

To Order Contact:

Erik Hoffer
24156 Yacht Club Blvd
Punta Gorda FL 33955
Tel.  +1 (941) 740-0074

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