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Super Seals


Pilfering can occur when a box is slit open, contents are removed, and then the box is resealed with clear packing tape.

Our Super Seals are a tamper-evident label that provides two methods to visibly detect pilfering:

A color change feature which reveals the word OPEN when the carton is resealed with clear packing tape.

Printed diagonal lines which are difficult to re align after re sealing

Sold in a Roll of 100

Pricing Information

Qty (Seals)

Qty (Roll)



100-900 1-9 Rolls $55.00 Each    
1,000-4900 10-49 Rolls

$43.00 Each

5,000 + 50 + Rolls

$42.00 Each




Like conventional security labels, these seals have a tamper evident construction, if the pilfer guard is removed, it will leave the message OPENED in the seal and on the carton.

Super Seal Self Destruct

Also, each seal has a unique serial number for added security, which can be recorded on the packing list or bill of lading.

However, these seals are unique in their added features to detect pilfering.

Security tape and seals are often used to detect tampering while a shipping carton is in transit or storage. Pilferage can occur after the carton sealing tape is slit on a carton seam, then re-sealed with clear packing tape. To the un trained eye, this technique can be difficult to detect prior to signing the bill of lading to accept the goods.

Our super seal pilfer guard seals provide two methods to visibly detect this type of pilferage:

1.) A color change feature which reveals the word OPEN when the carton is cut and resealed with clear packing tape.

The pilfer guard seals have a special chemical coating, which is activated by direct contact with adhesive in carton sealing tape. If clear tape is placed over the pilfer-guard to re seal the carton, the hidden word OPEN appears about 2 hours later. The 2 hour delay is typically enough time to activate the hidden security feature before the package is delivered or accepted. When the carton is presented with the word OPEN prominently showing, the recipient can inspect the contents immediately to confirm if a theft claim is needed, prior to accepting the shipment.

2.) The pilfer guard seals also have diagonal lines to indicate pilfering. After slitting, opening, and resealing the carton, the diagonal lines are very difficult to re align and or there will be a small gap in the label which will separate the diagonal lines. Super Seal Diagonal Lines

Instructions: Apply the labels to each carton seam which is vulnerable to slitting and pilfering.

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Tel.  +1 (941) 740-0074

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