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1,000 Economy Plastic Band Seals MS-P16R


Plastic band seals are fixed length seals, which create a 3-inch loop (7-inch circumference). They are affordably priced and intended for low and medium security applications.

All plastic band seals feature a unique, pre-assigned consecutive serial number. We offer stock and custom versions.

Typically, these seals are used for truck trailers, railcars, and shipping containers. These security seals can also be used for many other applications to secure any container with a hasp.

They are easy to use, just push the plastic pin into the locking mechanism. When the lock is engaged, you will hear a slight  click. Tug on the seal to assure the lock is engaged.

And they are easy to remove. The low break strength allows the seal to be broken manually. Since cutting tools are not required, you get added convenience and added safety.

Our premium seals are available in 3 stock colors and feature an enhanced locking mechanism for improved tamper resistance, UV inhibitors for extended outdoor life and a low break strength for added ease of removal. As an option, premium seals can be custom imprinted for added security and are available in 7 optional stock colors.

Our economy seals are available in two stock colors. As an option, the economy seals can be custom imprinted for added security

Sold in boxes of 1,000 seals.Red Or Blue

Pricing Information

Qty (Boxes)

Qty (Seals)




1 1,000 $0.097 $97.00 $97.00
2 2,000 $0.081 $81.00 $162.00
5 5.000 $0.080 $80.00 $400.00
10 10.000 CALL CALL CALL


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Erik Hoffer
24156 Yacht Club Blvd
Punta Gorda FL 33955
Tel.  +1 (941) 740-0074

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